Every business needs to move data internally and externally. Globalscape managed file transfer (MFT) solutions protect the data exchanges of any business. Streamline your processes; improve security, productivity, and overall operational efficiency our customizable managed file transfer suite of products.

Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) by Globalscape

Designed for small-to-medium businesses, EFT™ SMB enables your organization to manage file transfers securely among worldwide offices, clients, and partners, ensuring that data confidentiality and integrity are preserved during transport and storage.

EFT Enterprise
Perfect for enterprises that need automated managed file transfer capabilities, advanced security features, and increased load capacity, EFT Enterprise, our best-in-class MFT platform, offers unmatched simplicity, topnotch security, and predictable stability.

EFT Cloud Services™
EFT Cloud Services combines EFT with a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure. With EFT Cloud Services organizations have a choice to manage their platform independently or they can have a dedicated Globalscape expert do it. The three tiered model makes EFT Cloud Services both affordable and scalable.

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